Gym and Fitness Suite

Grantham Gym

If you are looking for a gym in Grantham then ours is well equipped, welcoming, light and airy. Whether you are wanting to start exercising or an experienced athlete we offer many exciting and cost-effective choices.


Our gym is well equipped with a cardiovascular suite, free weights area and resistance machines. We also have a dance studio and spin room. Our squash courts are available for members to take-up squash or racketball.

Fitness Training

What to do and how often? Our personal trainers (PT) offer one-to-one assessments and training programmes. Want to lose weight, or improve your fitness for a specific sport or event? Our PTs assess where you are now and how to get you to where you want to be. From that comes a personalised programme tailored around your budget and availability.

Cardiovascular Exercise

A key part of any exercise programme, cardiovascular exercise burns calories, improves your heart’s health and boosts your metabolism. We have the treadmills, cross-trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines that you need. Speak to our PTs and they will show you how to best use each machine to meet your goals.

Strength & Resistance Training

Tone up, build muscle, burn fat. Whatever your overall fitness goal, strength training should be part of your routine to achieve great results quickly. Our gym has the latest strength training equipment: Resistance machines and free weights that allow you to tailor your workout exactly to your fitness goals.

Personal Trainers

It is said that getting off the sofa is the most difficult exercise. A personal trainer makes your training more efficient and you get results more quickly – this in itself is motivating. You will also know exactly how many reps to do, and at what weight, so motivation no longer becomes an issue. You can even develop programmes to help repair old injuries or help with specific weaknesses. Want to include HIT or GRIT or even Zumba? Come talk to one of our PTs and get a no-cost, no commitment assessment.

Exercise Programmes

We also run exercise classes for specific disciplines; circuit training, indoor cycling or spinning, yoga and stretch. These classes run at different levels on different days, contact us for the latest schedule and availability.

Your Gym in Grantham

Being part of the well known Grantham Squash and Fitness centre our gym is part of a busy members club. We have allsorts of events running every week. So, if you want to use a gym that is part of a bustling club, rub shoulders with elite athletes or just want a coffee or cool refreshing drink after your workout give us a try.